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What IS this magical free 5-day Passion Challenge? 
Did you make a resolution about finding a new job this year? 

Or maybe you are just feeling drained and tired and have a post-holiday career hangover.

You'd like to feel excited about work, but honestly - you don't remember how!

The Career Happiness Revolution Passion Challenge was designed to teach you what you never learned in school - namely, the information you need to begin to uncover YOUR passion.

You'll get a simple but action-oriented email delivered to your inbox on each day of the challenge. All you have to do is make time to open the email and do what it says.

(You can totally do this!)

The best part? It's free!

So why not join this community of 20,000 strong and be one of those people who stops dreaming, and starts doing. 
Who are we?
Christie Mims is the founder of the Revolutionary Club, a Forbes Top 100 website for your career. Named a top 29 career expert in 2016, and featured all over the interwebs, she's on a mission to help you find work you absolutely love (instead of work you hate...because *ugh*). The Career Happiness Revolution is her signature 8-week program to teach you how to do just that. The Passion Challenge is just the beginning!

"No one knows more about creating the momentum needed to launch yourself off that sofa and into the right career than Christie Mims, founder of The Revolutionary Club..." - Forbes
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